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Our Mission: Foundational Foods

A strong foundation holds up a house. If the foundation is weak or broken, the entire structure can collapse. Think of food and your life in the same way. Your health and ability to live well is predicated on your foundation, which starts and ends with what you put into your body.

The materials you use for your foundation shouldn’t come from gas stations, fast-food or vending machines for the sake of convenience. But also you shouldn't feel like you need to make food prep another part-time job, or have to sell a kidney to pay for really good healthy food. You are busy. We totally understand and relate. Your diet doesn’t have to be perfect, there is no such thing. But convenience doesn’t have to mean processed and healthy doesn’t have to require hours of meal prep, or most of your paycheck.

We want to help you to incorporate foundational foods into your daily routine in order to give you a platform to do and feel your best while you work and live in the hyper-active gotta keep moving and get it done now real world. Our reason for being is to help you build a strong foundation to your eating habits and healthy lifestyle by providing food solutions that are easy, substantive and affordable. We thank you sincerely for letting us be a part of the healthy life you are building. Let construction commence!

Our “Got your back” Guarantee

Our goal is to deliver an awesome experience for you form the moment you click “Add to cart” to the the moment you take your first sip of any of our products. We like simplicity and were pretty sure you do as well. So our guarantee is simple: When you receive one of our products, love it within 30 days or you can get a complete refund, including shipping.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you own a store or gym and would like to offer Foundational Foods to your customers or members, simply contact us at info@foundationalfoods.co. We will get right back to you with order and account details.

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