We aim to be a part of the solution. Not just to help you build a strong foundation for your healthy lifestyle, but also to help rebuild a healthy environment. From the ingredients we use, to our packaging, to our manufacturing processes, we continuously strive for sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to create products that are good for the Earth and everyone who lives on it.


Planet protecting proteins. Planting peas and hemp require less water for irrigation, less fertilizer, and less nitrogen lost to the ecosystem for subsequent crops.


The whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. Fruit and vegetable powders produced from a freeze drying process that utilizes the entire vegetable and fruit, regardless of imperfections, capturing all of its nutritional value and with no food waste.


Care package. We hate plastic waste and what it does to our land and oceans. That’s why we use bags instead of canisters. They are much more compact, taking up less space for waste, AND all of our packaging is made from Post Consumer Recycled materials and is recyclable.


Making a difference by the way we make things. We manufacture and ship from our own Organic Certified and Non-GMO project verified facility, reducing emissions by eliminating transportation to and from third party logistics companies. Our products come directly from our production line to your front door.

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